Webinar: Overcome KPI Overkill and Get the Right Metrics, at the Right Time.


Given the abundance of data accessible to legal departments, a new issue has emerged: excessive KPI implementation. Legal managers are discovering that the ability to measure something does not necessarily imply that it should be measured. While having strategic KPIs that align with objectives and goals is beneficial, monitoring and reporting them entails a lot of time and effort. Therefore, if the KPIs in place do not result in improved operations, they are not effective in managing the business.

Watch this webinar to explore:

  • How the legal department can start to be more deliberate with their goals
  • How to measure them, as well as any obstacles that may get in the way of making this change
  • How KPIs could help your legal department become more efficient
  • How to become more mindful and efficient in your day-to-day work


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