The Role of Confidence
in Legal Operations

The Executive Summary


Legal professionals hold a crucial role when navigating uncertain and high-risk situations, making their confident communication skills indispensable. This confidence is essential for effective dialogue and managing the intricate aspects of legal operations within an in-house legal team.

Additionally, in environments where regulations may not provide clear guidance, the ability of legal professionals to communicate confidently becomes even more critical. Their confidence directly influences how well they can manage risks and ensure smooth operations within an organization.

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Discover in this Executive Summary :

"The Role of Confidence in Legal Operations"

  • The Importance of Self-Confidence in Non-Regulated Environments 
  • The Impact of Confidence on Legal Departments
  • Strategies for Building Confidence in Legal Operations 
  • How to Build Trustworthy Allies and Engage in Open Dialogue 

And ultimately, leveraging legal technology for confidence.

Featuring insights from an exceptional panel  


Mark Nishihara
Senior Legal Operations Manager

Mark Nishihara, Senior Legal Operations Manager at Sophos. With extensive experience in legal operations and business systems analysis, he excels in maximizing IT potential, particularly using Microsoft E5 licenses.

Mark's technical and legal expertise streamlines processes, aligning them with departmental and corporate goals to optimize operations and resource use.

Marion Tremblay
Senior Director Legal Department
Aldo Group Inc.

Marion Tremblay, Assistant General Counsel and Senior Director at Aldo Group Inc., leads the legal team with six years of experience. She oversees North American and international operations, managing supply chains, IT regulations, HR policies, financial compliance, and brand protection.

Marion ensures compliance with legal standards, enhancing the company's resilience and integrity.

Ramy Barsom
Product Expert
Septeo Legal Suite

Ramy Barsoum is the Sales Engineer and Product Expert in North America for Legal Suite, a member of the Septeo Group, since February 2020.

 As he got to learn the system, he found himself deeply involved in finding solutions to various use cases and helping people make sense of the tools and data available to them to increase efficiency for all stakeholders